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Glam Parties

Makeup Birthday Parties


 PreTeen/Teen Party

Are you looking for a fun party for teens 11-17? We offer GLAM parties. See the different packages below. 


$25.00 a person. This is a hands on class.

Minimum to attend is 4 maximum is 7

1.5 hours


Makeup samples




    $35.00 a person. Full application on the hostess while each person will follow in with a hands on class.

 Minimum to attend is 4 Maximum is 7.

2.0 hours


 Each attendant receives a cupcake 

 from Confectionary Cupboard OR a Crumbl Cookie.

 Water/Lemonade served

 Makeup samples

 $10 off next service

 Outside food also allowed. 

Mom's Night Out

Choose from the above two packages

OR Each have a mini eye lesson with Karen for $45 per person and have beauty questions answered. 

Minimum is 3 Maximum is 5 people. This package does not include a dessert option. 

Any package can bring in additional food or adult drinks. 

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