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Glam Parties

Makeup Birthday Parties


 PreTeen/Teen Party

Are you looking for a fun party for teens 11-17? We offer GLAM parties. See the different packages below. 

Choice 1

$25.00 a person. This is a hands on class.

Minimum to attend is 4 maximum is 7

1.5 hours


Makeup samples


Choice 2

$30.00 a person hostess gets to be the model while

friends learn step by step the process of full face makeup. After each gets eye makeup and lipstick applied by Karen. 

Water and lemonade is provided.

Time based on number of guests. 

Great for parties over 7 people. Add a cookie for $35 per person. 

Minimum to attend 4 Maximum is 10. 


 Choice 3

    $35.00 a person. Full application on the hostess while each person will follow in with a hands on class.

 Minimum to attend is 4 Maximum is 7.

2.0 hours


 Each attendant receives a cupcake 

 from Confectionary Cupboard OR a Crumbl Cookie.

 Water/Lemonade served

 Makeup samples

 $10 off next service

 Outside food also allowed. 

Mom's Night Out

Choose from the above two packages

OR Each have a mini eye lesson with Karen for $45 per person and have beauty questions answered. 

Minimum is 3 Maximum is 5 people. This package does not include a dessert option. 

Any package can bring in additional food or adult drinks. 

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