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Karen Siat Lauria

Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert in Cleveland Ohio


When I was in seventh grade, I knew I wanted to be in the beauty business. In high school I was enrolled in cosmetology school and then after graduation went to barber school to earn another license. I worked as a subcontractor for seven years and then opened my first barbershop. I started to dabble into acting. I had an agent. He mentioned that I should start doing the hair and makeup for the models.  I began to see the light, better pay, better hours and notoriety. I went on to learn my new craft, traveling

to Chicago and New York to enhance my skill.

I reached out to my acting agent to sign me as a stylist for their talent pool. This allowed me to make connections and doors started to open. I was busy enough to leave the barbershop to embark on this new career. The skills as an actress now helped with being behind the scenes.

I must confess; I feel more comfortable as a makeup artist/stylist than an actress.

A new chapter started for me in 2016 when I opened my own makeup studio called Sparkle & Shine.

It truly is a happy place to learn makeup and feel special at. I invite you to look at my portfolio and  browse through my testimonials. Contact me for rates or to inquire about my services.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Applying Makeup
Karen Siat applys wedding makeup
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