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    On your wedding day, we want to help create a look that you have dreamt of. Karen and her team will be happy to be there and make you “sparkle.”
   Makeup can be used to bring out your features without looking over done. We will be there to bring ease to your day, all while guaranteeing cleanliness.
Starting in 2022 we will be a boutique makeup company to assist bridal parties of one to four people only. 

Bridal trials


Bridal Makeup

Bridal trials are not mandatory but highly encouraged, Trials are included in the “BRIDES ONLY” packages; otherwise it is a separate fee if you choose to have one done. If no deposit is placed prior to the appointment, you have one week to choose a booking date. All trials are done at the artist's choice location in Kirtland Ohio. This appointment will take approximately 90 minutes.


All bookings require half down of the total package and a contract  must be signed. You have up to 45 days prior to cancel.* The exception is the "Brides Only" package in salon. This package is nonrefundable.

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