Makeup Brushes

COVID safety

Karen is licensed under the Ohio Cosmetology and Barber board; she guarantees the highest standards of sanitation.
To guests:
Each person is to be fever free and well for the last seventy two hours prior to their appointment.
Please come in with a mask if one is not brought a disposable one will be given to you. 
Each guest will be asked to wear a mask on close contact especially during eye application and hair styling.  


A napkin will be provided in case of any unexpected cough or sneezing while unmasked. Any repetitive coughing and or sneezing will end the session immediately and unfortunately there will be no refund.

Each guest is asked to come alone for a trial or an application.  

Each guest will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire prior to their visit to minimize conversation.  

During unmasked application there is to be no talking but feel free to bring ear buds to listen to music.  

Safety measures for the guest:  

Artists will wear a mask on your entry and possibly a  shield at times.  

Brushes will be cleaned in a three part sequence to ensure proper sanitation and no brushes will be quickly cleaned. 

Disposable applicators will be used for mascara and lip products.  

Products will not be shared out of pallets.  

Brushes and disposable applicators will be used for applying foundation or creams. 

If you prefer your own makeup to be used only foundation, mascara and lip products can be. If you would like your own color of eyeshadow feel free to do your own eye makeup prior to the session. Due to sanitary issues this rule has to be implemented. 

Hair combs are always sanitized with commercial Barberside as a rule of the cosmetology board.  
All surfaces will be disinfected prior and after services.  

Please use social distance throughout your visit when it is possible.
Credit payments will be due the morning of your appointment and can be paid by an electronic invoice through email. Cash can be accepted if no change is due. 

Thank you for your understanding during this time. I don’t like that this visit will be very sterile but for your safety and mine it is our best option.  
Much thanks, 
Karen Siat Lauria

           On location safety 


Absolutely no cell phone use during applications to ensure that the process moves along. 

No drinking or eating is allowed due to sanitation at this time. 

Eye contacts are to be inserted prior.

No talking while unmasked if possible.

If anyone is sitting in to watch or ask a question they must be six feet away and also be wearing a mask if staying close by. 
An application room must not be overly crowded with attendants. Example: One standard hotel room with six people in it. If this is the case another staging area must be located. 

The ideal setting for the day is the artist away from the entire group. 

These policies are for COVID 19 times. If things get better before your event we can reevaluate these terms.