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Blush & Bloom Parties
in Fairport Harbor Ohio

 Are you looking for a creative idea for you teen's Birthday? Let Junie Balloonie and Sparkle & Shine Makeup Studio host a Blush and Bloom party for them. 

 Amie Longstaff and Karen Siat Lauria are bringing their knowledge together to create a one of a kind party. Below are the details. 

Blush & Bloom Party

Where: Junie Balloonie
314 High Street
Fairport Harbor
Ohio 44077

Ideal for ages 11-17 yrs. old
Cost: $30.00 per person.
Length of party: 2 hours
Minimum 6 people. Maximum 12.

Assistance by Junie Balloonie owner Amie Longstaff to make one 12 inch cardstock medium paper rose flower.

Makeup application applied on one person by Professional Makeup Artist Karen Siat Lauria. Owner of Sparkle & Shine Makeup Studio.

A guided lesson for guests to apply makeup on themselves.

Makeup samples.

Options to bring in food & drink.

A $50.00 non refundable deposit is needed to book. You can reschedule within 30 days if you have to reschedule. The deposit is applied to the balance due.

Please email Amie or Karen to book.


 Teen Parties

Held at 

Junie Balloonie 

314 High St. 

Fairport Harbor Ohio 44077


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